The ‘Mills Of God’ grind exceedingly slow.

  This came in as an ‘Anonymous’ submission and its pretty amazing. Its a master class in appropriation. A genre hopping mashup of 80’s rock & pop, old movies,samples, novelty records, ads, outsider music,metal riffs, zany voice overs and……. animal

Orla Wren – Filmscore 6

‘thirtythree-45’ are delighted to present the new installment of the ‘Film-score’ project from UK musician/ sound artist ‘Orla Wren’. ‘Film-score 6’ is exclusive to ‘thirtythree-45’ and can’t be heard anywhere else. We are humbled that ‘Orla Wren’ has allowed us

Films Scores Volume 3 & 4

  Filmscores – Volume three & four are the latest mixes in Orla Wren’s filmscores series. ‘Following on with the series aesthetic of taking fragments of music, foley and dialogue from a selection of recent films that I have enjoyed

Obsolete Future – Label mix

‘thirtythree-45’ are delighted to compile a mix of tunes from ‘Obsolete Future’ a London/Denver based tape label specialising in experimental, electronic and acid fused techno. Run by visual artist, musician & photographer Conor.q Walker, we at ‘thirtythree-45’ have picked tracks

MEDIATRON – Media saturation montage – Fergus Mulvany

Delighted to have received this new mix by international ‘Sand Sculpture’ artist and music affinionado Fergus Mulvany made exclusively for thirtythree-45. A satirical sound montage focusing on the media, propaganda and the American Dream gone bad.. it holds a refreshed

Somewhere in the Gloaming – Mix by Jonathan Mayhew

An exclusive mix of music for when the lights go out for ‘thirtythree-45’ by award winning and emerging visual artist Jonathon Mayhew. A cracking set. One for the headphones this, thanks Jonathon. Jonathon’s current exhibition ‘I wanted to write you

Brian Records exclusive mix

Listen to ‘James Norman’ the man behind the amazing Uk label Brian Records exclusive mix for thirtythree -45. Started to celebrate the 50th meeting of a music club that goes by the same name, Brian Records has been releasing mega

The Morpheus Coil

An truly wonderous soundcape and second mix for thirtythree -45s ‘Augmented Ear’ internet radio station from acclaimed Sand , Snow and Ice Sculptor Fergus Mulvaney. Great on the headphones. 1 Pete Namlook – Inaugeration / Art Of Noise – Out


‘Hedatation’ is the first mix from award winning Irish Sand & Snow-sculpture artist Fegus Mulvaney. We asked Fergus to come up with a mix off music that he regularly works to while sculpting and which also suits ‘the Augmented Ear’,