‘thirtythree-45’ has long had a great relationship with reclusive Scottish sound musician Orla Wren and for end of year 2023 he has created another mesmerising work of film sampling for ‘thirtythree-45’ underscored by his modular synths and field recordings. Music

Orla Wren – Filmscores Volume 10

‘thirtythree-45’ has long admired the work of Scottish musician sound artist ‘Orla Wren’ so it is a great pleasure to host his newest work Filmscore 10. Beautifully crafted, sublime and emotional, put the headphones on, lights out and settle back.

Where are we now ? #6

Same Again – Phil and Richie Christie 2021 ( the Bonk ) The Bonk is a musical project based around compositions by Waterford musician and songwriter, Philip Christie (formerly of O Emperor). Gathering influences from 60’s garage, jazz, and experimental

Where are we now ? #5

Hilary Mullaney Enough (2021) Fixed media composition, 30:00 This work was made using fields recordings, DIY instruments, voice and instrumentation. Moments captured, manipulated and edited into a series of sound images. Composed during summer 2021, a commission for thirty three

Where are we now ? # 4

Conor McMahon – Fierce Consolations Conor McMahon is a Dublin-based sculptor, photographer, composer and interaction designer. He creates artifacts from moments captured as drawing, text, music, video, sound and object. He is motivated by the interpretations these artifacts can provoke,

Where are we now ? #3

Where are we now? Thor Harris I’m Thor Harris ,a musician from Austin Texas . A Texas native who has played with SWANS , Bill Callahan, Shearwater, Arthur Brown , Ben Frost , Devendra Banhart and many others . Once

Where are we now ? #2

Orla Wren ( Scotland ) Based in a rural studio in the hills of Dumfries & Galloway in Scotland, sound artist Orla Wren makes electroacoustic music that uses the emotional space between analog and modular synthesis, field recordings, organic acoustic

Where are we now? #1

DROGHEDA ARTS FESTIVAL 2021 Broadcast on ‘thirtythree-45’ radio on 29/07/21 Claire Fitch Becoming Imperceptible  00.00 to 30.15 Under the increasing pressures of lockdown, of unease, of uncertainty and worry, of searching for an escape, of finding a change, of being

Cabaret Reverie – Dublingo

A selection of early 20th century popular and cabaret songs with a French and Latin lilt and a mournful air with a dash of reverb and a filter sweep to sprinkle them with a ghostly spirit and a tip of

The ‘Mills Of God’ grind exceedingly slow.

  This came in as an ‘Anonymous’ submission and its pretty amazing. Its a master class in appropriation. A genre hopping mashup of 80’s rock & pop, old movies,samples, novelty records, ads, outsider music,metal riffs, zany voice overs and……. animal

Orla Wren – Filmscore 6

‘thirtythree-45’ are delighted to present the new installment of the ‘Film-score’ project from UK musician/ sound artist ‘Orla Wren’. ‘Film-score 6’ is exclusive to ‘thirtythree-45’ and can’t be heard anywhere else. We are humbled that ‘Orla Wren’ has allowed us

Films Scores Volume 3 & 4

Filmscores – Volume three & four are the latest mixes in Orla Wren’s filmscores series.‘Following on with the series aesthetic of taking fragments of music, foley and dialogue from a selection of recent films that I have enjoyed and then