What is 33 45?

‘thirtythree-45’ is an non profit art, sound and live event initiative run by artist Brian Hegarty and based in Drogheda Co Louth.

The aim of thirtythree-45 is to curate and present the work of innovative artists, promoting creativity and artistic exploration while creating connections between sound and visual practices. ‘thirtythree-45’ has released music / sound art in various limited-edition formats, including cassette, vinyl, lathe cut, digital and Cdr. Releases include AFTERWARDNESS, the Bonk, Arc Pioneer, Dublingo, the Joy Fracture and Post Merriment Anxiety.

‘thirtythree-45’ also publish DRAG ACID a series of full colour visual art zines that gives invited artists space to present their work in a publication format. Each zine comes with accompanying cdr of music made by the artist or the artist in collaboration with other musicians.

Live events have included concerts by innovative musicians such as renowned Avant guardists Nurse with Wound, sound wizard Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, Spectrum, E.A.R) multi-instrumentalist Thor Harris ex SWANS and the musician and activist Wayne Kramer from 60s proto-punks MC5.

‘thirtythree-45’ works independently, in partnership and in collaboration.





2021 – So Low / The Door – Norman Westberg

2021 The Dream of Reason brings forth monsters – Nurse with wound

2021 – Earth angel & Snowy – Fran Cassidy
2020 – A fire in the sky – Diarmuid MacDiarmuda
2020 – Always check the mail – Sarah La Puerta
2020 – A hunger blowing up from the inland – Conor MacMahon
2020 – Still time left to destroy the memories- Jason O Reilly
2020 – All as it Seems – Brian Hegarty


2021 – Post Merriment Anxiety – PMA – Art edition lathe cut record.
2020 – Afterwardness – Self titled album – vinyl record
2018 – The Bonk – Seems to be a verb – Cassette release – Boxed Art Edition
2017 – Dublingo / Kevin Nolan – Split cassette release – Boxed Art Edition
2017 – Arc Pioneer / The Joy Fracture – Split cassette release – Boxed Art Edition


2019 – Nurse with Wound – Drogheda arts Festival
2018 – Spectrum ( Sonic Boom ) – Drogheda Arts Festival
2017 – Thor & Friends – Drogheda arts Festival
2017 – Thor Harris – Ocean of Despair – Spoken word & interview – Drogheda Arts Festival
2017 – The Bonk with We Eat Electric Light – Live performance – Cassette release launch.
2016 – David Holmes – DJ set, Drogheda Arts Festival
2015 – Grit, noise & revolution – An evening with Wayne Kramer (Mc5) Drogheda Arts Festival