Orla Wren – Film-score 5 – Exclusive Commission for ‘thirtythree-45’

A beautiful new ‘Film-score’, Volume 5 by the wonderful ‘Orla Wren’ commissioned exclusively for ‘thirtythree-45’.
What a beautiful thing this is. Contemplative, emotional, moving, personal yet universal. This mix is exclusive to ‘thirtythree-45’ and available to download as a free gift. If you decide to download all i ask is you pay it forward somehow. Buy a coffee for a friend or stranger, give a couple of quid to charity or pay it on anyway you see fit. In the mean time, take some time out, find a quiet space and enjoy….

Orla Wren – Filmscores Volume 5

I Origins – Mike Cahill
A Cure For Wellness – Gore Verbinski
Réparer Les Vivants – Katell Quillévére
Puzzle – Marc Turtletaub
Sharp Objects – Marti Noxon
Silence – Pat Collins
Tau – Federico D’Alessandro
David Lynch: The Art Life – Rick Barnes, Olivia Neergaard-Holm, John Nguyen
Plonger – Mélanie Laurent
True Detective – Nic Pizzolatto
Leave No Trace – Debra Granik
A Quiet Place – John Krasinski
I Think We’re Alone Now – Reed Morano
Leaning Into The Wind – Thomas Riedelsheimer
High Maintenance – Katja Blichfeld, Ben Sinclair
Kidding – Dave Holstein
Beasts Of The Southern Wild – Benh Zeitlin
The OA – Zal Batmanglij, Brit Marling

Modular system, field recordings, editing – Orla Wren

‘I have had a lifelong interest in moving images and in their ability to carry you within their ideas and alter your perceptions. My fascination with intimate sound led me to feel how it’s placement within a given scene could really enhance both the emotional impact and the meaning. This mix is the fifth in my Filmscores series, commissioned by thirtythree-45. In this practice I look to isolate moments of sound, music and speech, which allows me to interact, edit, shape and influence a very personal narrative.’

Frequencies and vibrations that shift the water inside you.
Orla Wren, Scotland, December 2018.
Many thanks to ‘Orla Wren’ Check out his music at https://orlawrenmusic.bandcamp.com/music

Orla Wren is ‘Tui’. He makes electroacoustic music that uses the emotional space between organic acoustic sounds and digital processing. Combining the oldest, wonkiest and most organic of possible sound sources, he fashions them into melodies and textures of pinprick detail, revealing the antiquated isolation of the environments that have inspired them and rendering the minutiae of nature into sonic form. He has released music on many labels since 2006, namely Expanding Records (UK), Flau Records (Japan), Arbouse Recordings (France), Air Texture (US), Murmur records (Japan), Facture (UK) and Home Normal (UK/Japan).