Orla Wren – Filmscores Volume 10

‘thirtythree-45’ has long admired the work of Scottish musician sound artist ‘Orla Wren’ so it is a great pleasure to host his newest work Filmscore 10. Beautifully crafted, sublime and emotional, put the headphones on, lights out and settle back.

Follow the link bellow for a free download and please support if possible.

Films are one of my very favorite things, I like to listen to all the sounds whilst watching, not necessarily just to the music,
the placement and capture of some intimate detail can for me really enhance a scenes emotional impact.I decided to do these Filmscores series with that in mind and to use audio, including ideally isolated dialogue,
that was taken directly from the films themselves rather than from the soundtracks.
This was my way of referencing the very detailed palette of the director.I collected many fragments of music, dialogue, foley sounds, along with my own field recordings and modular sounds
and then placed them carefully to construct a new and often personal narrative.
I always feel drawn to the most intimate moments within a film,
most often I find it’s where the music and story hold the most emotion and poignancy.”

Tui – Orla Wren

Filmscores Volume Ten

Aftersun – Charlotte Wells
Luzifer – Peter Brunner
Hold Me Tight – Mathieu Amalric
All My Puny Sorrows – Michael McGowan
Geographies Of Solitude – Jacquelyn Mills
Infinity Pool – Brandon Cronenberg
The Bird Game – Marianna Simnett
Godland – Hlynur Pálmason
Summer Frost – Laetitia Masson
I’m Thinking Of Ending Things – Charlie Kaufman
Marcel The Shell With Shoes On – Dean Fleischer Camp
Inside – Vasilis Katsoupis
The Stranger – Tom Wright
Tiny Beautiful Things – Liz Tigelaar
Leda – a poem by Anis Mojgani
Give Yourself Some Flowers – a poem by Marcus Amaker
Country Of Water – a poem by Mohagany L Brown
The Bohemian Way – a poem by John Cummins
Enuff – a poem by John Cummins

Tui – modular system, piano, monophonic synthesizer,
critter & guitari pocket piano, field recordings and editing.