Penny Rimbaud & Louise Elliott Performance

As a closing event for the retrospective exhibition ‘Lost for words’ by Gee Vaucher, a performance night was hosted of poetry and music by ‘Crass’ founder Penny Rimbaud and musician Louise Elliott. Penny Rimbaud is a writer, poet, philosopher, painter,

Lost for Words – Gee Vaucher

A 40 year retrospective of Gee Vaucher, the iconic visual artist and former member/artist of the legendary Anarcho Punk Band ‘Crass’. This was Gee’s first ever solo exhibition in Ireland. Complementing the exhibition there was a screening of the film

I don’t know where I am – Adrian & Shane

I don’t know where I am Drogheda artists Adrian+Shane have been working together since 1998. Using paint, collage, stencils, photos and video their practice is a mixture of playfullness and social commentary. Much of their work includes self-portraiture.The exhibition titled

Street Art project

This project was part of an initiative that would see the re-use of the empty commercial units in Drogheda’s town centre allowing allowed artists to create a dialogue with the town itself through site specific works. Artist David Booth created