Lost for Words – Gee Vaucher

A 40 year retrospective of Gee Vaucher, the iconic visual artist and former member/artist of the legendary Anarcho Punk Band ‘Crass’. This was Gee’s first ever solo exhibition in Ireland. Complementing the exhibition there was a screening of the film ‘There is no authority but yourself’, a documentary film about Gee and her Crass cohorts as well as an artist talk, a screen print workshop and a performance by Penny Rimbaud also a former member of ‘Crass’ with saxophonist Louise Elliott.

About Gee Vaucher

Gee Vaucher was born in post-war Dagenham, Essex, and the wholesale slavery demanded by Fords, who owned just about everything to do with the place, including most of its people. Using her childhood experiences, she leapt into the broader world beyond in an attempt to understand what the hell was going on and why it had to be like this. Inside and out, she’s still at it, determined and resolute as ever.

Gee’s work skips the obvious, creeps up from behind, and boots you firmly up the arse. To attempt to describe it would be to denigrate the very reason for its existence. It’s there because there could be no other way, and that’s enough. In short, it speaks for itself, loud enough, it would seem, to have surprised and inspired thousands of people across the globe: a long, long way from Romsey Road, Dagenham, its place of origin – or is it?

in association with Droichead Arts Centre, 2012, Drogheda.