Paramount Styles – Drogheda Arts Festival 2022

Paramount Styles

Saturday, 30 April 2022, 8.00pm

Paramount Styles – exclusive first Irish performance brought to you by Drogheda Arts Festival and ‘thirtythree-45’.

Internationally acclaimed musician Scott McCloud has toured internationally with musical legends such as the Foo Fighters, Garbage, Rage Against the Machine, as well as guitarist of Girls Against Boys and Soulside for over 30 years.

McCloud formed Paramount Styles, whose albums include; ‘Failure American Style’, ‘Heaven’s Alright’ and ‘Distant Karma’ and are currently working on new material.

“The word ‘paramount’ makes me think of something cinematic, or old Hollywood movies, and I thought writing songs about reflecting back on this life in music, and the way I lived it, I kind of felt like I was trying to live some movie of my life. There’s a whole lot of fantasy with the pursuit of rock music, especially when you’re immersed in it. So, it had a melancholy sound to me, Paramount Styles — or almost nostalgic.” Scott McCloud interview with The Washington Post.