Obsolete Future – Label mix

‘thirtythree-45’ are delighted to compile a mix of tunes from ‘Obsolete Future’ a London/Denver based tape label specialising in experimental, electronic and acid fused techno. Run by visual artist, musician & photographer Conor.q Walker, we at ‘thirtythree-45’ have picked tracks from various releases from the label ending with a track from Conor himself with his experimental project  Walker / Harris / English with  ‘Thor Harris’ ( ex SWANS ) and ‘Lawrence English'( Room40 )

http://www.obsoletefuture.com/     http://www.conorwalker.com/

Track list

Hellhole – Shadow projector

Formant – Fault Creep

MKG Systems – SCR

Cygnus – Varaxis Network

Rick Reed – Time runs backwards

Smoky Emery – Coalesce the vapour

Non Volatile Memory – Surface controller

WWC – Meditations industry

Walker / Harris / English – The House ( Part 1 )