DRAG ACID #2 (Jason O’Reilly)

7 inch Visual zine with CDR in clear sleeve.

Images & audio by Jason O’Reilly.

A thirtythree-45 production. Limited to 75 copies. 10 euro plus P&P

15 Full colour images

Cover printed 4/0 on 250g Gloss

Text printed 4/4 on 170g Gloss

Saddle Stitched

Delighted to announce the second installment of DRAG ACID featuring the work of Jason O’Reilly.
DRAG ACID is a new visual zine with accompanying Cdr. For this edition DRAG ACID #2 we have chosen the work of Jason O Reilly. ‘Still time left to destroy the memories ‘ is an 18 page full colour photographic zine . No text, just visuals plus an accompanying cdr created by the artist. The cdr is a 20 minute experimental avant garde piece of sounds and voices that may or may not compliment the images. In a world full of information overload the aim of this zine is to allow the images / audio to do the work. No explanation, no conceptual verbal gymnastics, no spelt out narrative, no artist cv’s. The aim is to allow the viewer to view, to have their own take on the work or just look and listen. Simples…….
This is the first in a series of zines that will appear frequently or infrequently….who knows. Coming soon zine a by ‘Widernish’,

Each zine is 7″ x 7″ with a vinyl replica cdr hand numbered in a clear sleeve. Limited to 75 copies only. 10 euro each 3 euro P&P.  If you’d like to buy one please make payable through paypal at 33fourty5@gmail.com