Brian Records exclusive mix

Listen to ‘James Norman’ the man behind the amazing Uk label Brian Records exclusive mix for thirtythree -45.

Started to celebrate the 50th meeting of a music club that goes by the same name, Brian Records has been releasing mega limited art edition records since 2010. Started by James Norman, aka ‘Jimlad’ the label has released a number of highly collectible releases across an assortment of formats –lathe-cuts,8” vinyl, cassette and CDr s, and mini discs . A lot of blood , sweat & tears goes into every elaborately packaged release. Artists such as Nils Frahm, Simon Scott, Peter Broderick, Machinefabriek, Roddy Doyle and more have all recorded for Brian Records.
For the release of Johan G. Winther’s ‘Of Use’ , a 8” lathe-cut record was issued in a quantity of just 50 copies – each sleeve being completely unique and designed by Brian Records collectors themselves – everybody purchasing a copy was invited to design a sleeve which would then be randomly shipped to a different purchaser. Images of all 50 sleeves were included in a book which was included with the release. I (BH) was lucky to be one of the artists for this project – the record with my cover is out there somewhere, while I think the record I received may have been done by’ Johan G Winter’ himself???? ( if I can dig out an images of my sleeve I’ll add it to this post )

James is taking some time away from Brian records for the next while so when his next release will appear only he knows. We hope to do a more indebt look at Brian Records down the line but for now enjoy these tunes put together by ‘Jimlad’ exclusively for thirtythree-45. Thanks Jim.

Track listing
Olafur Arnalds Music Box recorded straight onto my phone
Something by Pye Corner Audio which was on my music club Brian about a year ago
A track by actress. Side B first track. Still don’t get all the hype but this slays
A bit of synth beat weirdness from Andre Broders tape on Brian
Kendrik Lamar – Untitled something or other
KGB Nights – the whole side including the beat at the end that just stops midflow
Bitch Betta remix by Andrew Broder
Hell for it by Danny Brown – beatless hiphop
Prayer by Miles Davis, man this one just gets better with every listen
Everything is breaking taken from the minidisc release on Brian by Johan G Winther
I didn’t mean to hurt you by Spirtualized