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Tatiana Danilevskaya  – Divnogorie , Russia 

Radio “Voice of Divnogorie” is a micro radio project and series of programs connecting various co-existing in the same area groups of people – inhabitants of the village, the museum-reserve staff, artists of the residence – in audio space. Blinking between voice and radio waves, the artist therefore becomes the receiver-transmitter registering polyphony created by a living area.
In contrast to television radio has a rather low technical threshold, that does not require expensive equipment and large staff.
Micro radio narrowcasting was organized during three weeks. Nine Radio “Voice of Divnogorie”

Micro radio narrowcasting was organized during three weeks. Nine original issues and one compiled were released. During the opening of the exhibition radio was broadcasting from a specially designed object “The Speaking Ear” (plywood, radio receiver).
Radio schedule includes six programs and a jingle:
1) “Divnogorie Speaking” – talks to the local people, museum staff and artists of the residence;
2) “Toponymics” – vocabulary of the geographical names (names of micro districts);
3) “The Music Box” – music on demand;
4) “Sounds Fu…” – soundscape (anthropogenic and natural sounds of the village);
5) “The Loudspeaker” – texts (fiction and non-fiction) read by members of the art residence / in the original version;
6) “Yablochko” – ditties on vital topics, composed on samples of folk lyrics, modern and classical Russian literature, that saunter in background knowledge of the Russian people; friendly epigrams.Radio “Voice of Divnogorie” (> )

youtube clips are in Russian but you can discover more about this project in English and Tatiana’s other work  at clips are in Russian but you can discover more about this project in English and Tatiana’s other work  at





Film stars as sad butterflies or reclusive bats;  women as fighter bombers;  inoffensive husbands as raging lions – these are a few of the visual metaphors that feature in Roger Hudson’s colourful and complex photomontages.  Created over several decades, these art works have only now been compiled in his newest book entitled “Taking the Scissors to Society, The Photomontages of Roger Hudson,” with a fascinating autobiographical text recalling how they were created. The beautiful and comprehensive collection comments on the foibles and nightmares of humanity.  The book will be officially launched at the Highlanes Gallery on Laurence Street on Tuesday, 7 February from 6:30-8:00.   This publication coincides with Hudson’s reaching the milestone of 80 years last September;  the launch will be an opportunity to mark both of these occasions.

David Newton, who will be the guest speaker and master of  ceremonies for the launch, is a well-known American artist now living nearby in Meath.  ‘An intriguing read, as well as images demanding to be flicked through and contemplated over and over again,’ says Newton of “Taking the Scissors to Society.”   He will give an illustrated talk exploring how these works relate to the history of photomontage as an art form.

Councillor Paul Bell, Cathaoirleach of Louth County Council, will preside. With assistance from Create Louth. All welcome.

Roger Hudson has lived in Drogheda for over 13 years and played an active role in its artistic life.  He previously lived in London and Dublin, where he has exhibited in solo and group shows.  His other literary accomplishments include three collections of poetry and an historical crime novel.

Signed and numbered limited edition copies of “Taking the Scissors to Society” will be available for purchase at €25 on the night. Also available online at or in Drogheda at Books Direct, West Street Newsagents  and Stockwell Café. In Dublin the book can be purchased at the ‘Winding stair ‘ and ‘The Library Project,