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‘thirty three – 45’ is an artist led not for profit arts group operating in Drogheda co Louth.

We work independently, in partnership and in collaboration.

As well as producing art /cultural/ & music projects, ‘thirty three – 45’ is also cassette label and an art internet radio station.

We have no grand mission statement.

‘we do what we do’


thirty three – 45 is

Brian Hegarty and Noel Feeney



‘thirty three – 45’  was started in May 2015 by artists Brian Hegarty and Noel Feeney. The pair have worked together on many projects in the Drogheda area over the past 5 years. Brian was a former curator with another local collective ‘NeXus Arts’ (2011 – 2014) where Noel helped out on a lot of the art tech work. During his time with ‘NeXus Arts’ Brian was co curator and initiated many projects including the exhibitions /events ‘Lost for Words’ by Gee Vaucher (ex Crass) complemented by a performance by Penny Rimbaud (also ex Crass), a ‘Sleep Concert’ by Stephen Stapleton ( Nurse with Wound ) a large scale outdoor wall mural & exhibition by Italian artist ‘Erica il Cane’ and a site specific exhibition of London based Irish artist Alan Magee entitled ‘Gap fill, more beauty,more happiness’.

For more information see years 2011 – 2014 at

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