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Delighted to be sharing a new mix exclusive to thirtythree-45 from James Norman from the wonderful UK based label Brian Records. How about a track list James….A few words from James on his mix

Inspired by my wife’s purchase of the Boats huge box-set to mark a truly significant (but not THAT significant) birthday I have pulled together some weird and wonderful tracks. All taken originally from cassette. This mix has a strong electronic feel. Starting with Alterity Problems and finishing with a rare remix of Clem Leek by Field Rotation. In the middle you get Keith Fullerton Whitman with more generator crazyness, the Boats (of course) the incredible climbing up the walls from Radioheads OK Not OK box, that Bracken thing that Norman Records got so excited about, a couple of awesome things from tape label Reckno, some old Brian faves and a track called “a Fart in a Bottle”. Hope you enjoy. Hopefully there will be some cassette shaped goodness from Brian Records in 2018.

Track list from memory is
Outer Space –¬†Aspartame – From the Deception Island Tape split with Alterity Problem
Radiohead – Climbing Up the Walls (dubbed out early demo) – From OKNOTOK Boxset
Position Normal – Fart in a Bottle – From a bonkers cassette which the wire raved about about 400 years ago
Yaaard – I Want You Too – On Reckno
The Boats – Something from their live tape in the mahoosif box
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Something from his Generators series
AL-90 – Paul Hares – Universe (Remix) – No idea what is the artist and what is the title. On Reckno
Bracken – Can’t recall the track name, but Norman raved about this as the time
Clem Leek – Something from his Brian Tape maybe Edgars Flying Machine
Machinefabiek – Halfslaap Live – Side 2 I think
Peter Broderick – Another Glacier (Alternate Version) – From his Sketches and Oddities tape on Brian
Clem Leek – London Bridge, Wednesday, 5.30pm (Field Rotation Remix) – Taken from the limited preorder bonus tape on Brian